What is PDSD Training?

PDSD is defined as Proficiency in Designated Security Services and the training is a requirement for all personnel on-board ships where the ISPS (International Ship and Post Facility Security) Code applies. Here at Orchid Risk, we provide training courses that specialise in PDSD. Continue reading to learn more about this particular security training.

Who Needs PDSD Training?

As mentioned, this is a course that must be undertaken by all personnel who are employed or carrying out security work on ships. It is essential that PDSD training is given in order to maintain security levels while out at sea. For this particular course, the type of personnel that need to undergo training is as follows:

  • Seafarers
  • Members of Security
  • Former Armed Forces Personnel Moving into Maritime Security
  • And More

PDSD relates to designated services, such as anti-piracy and anti-armed robbery. Individuals will be employed on ships to prevent these crimes from occurring, but in order to carry out the job correctly, training needs to be given.

Here at Orchid Risk, we work as an independent global risk consultancy company that provides security training in multiple industries, including maritime. It is essential that measures are taken to keep every single individual onboard ships safe and secure. This is why we offer elite level PDSD training, reducing the threat level to vessels while in port or out at sea.

Undergoing this particular training will aid in the coping mechanisms and general awareness of crew members. Those who have taken the course are likely to be more capable of handling stressful situations; plus they will be much more proficient in dealing with an incident involving security. Our experts at Orchid Risk will cover all aspects of the training to ensure that members are up to code.

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    What is PDSD Training

    What Will Be Taught?

    PDSD training involves a number of aspects that onboard ship members need to be well versed in. For those of you who take this course, you will learn the importance of ship security, as well as the responsibilities of the organisations involved in keeping the vessel safe. Training will involve teaching members how to identify a security threat and what makes the ship, its cargo and personnel potentially at risk.

    Security methods will be taught during PDSD training, and the types of equipment and systems will be explained. Each ship will have a security plan in place, which will be perfected by the individuals who undertake this course. Moreover, employees will learn how to efficiently carry out security procedures and arrangements.

    PDSD Training Course

    Orchid Risk Can Help

    As mentioned, we specialise in maritime security and our PDSD training is second to none due to our constant efforts in meeting high standards. We are well aware of the importance of such training, which is why our team are the most skilled and experienced around. We are one of the UK’s more established security companies, providing solutions to the commercial shipping industry.

    There is no limit to the personnel that we train as we cater to both armed and unarmed teams. Our PDSD training is among a list of security services that we provide to a range of vessels, including superyachts and offshore operations. We also offer our help to ships that are used solely for the oil and gas industries.

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    PDSD training is not only a requirement, but it is a course that will teach you essential skills when it comes to ship security. For more information about PDSD training, give our experts a call on 01202 692250 or send an email to ops@orchidrisk.com. Alternatively, contact us by filling out our online form.

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