Surveillance Training UK

Do you want to expand your skillset and job opportunities through a surveillance training UK course? Look no further than Orchid Risk. Our training courses have been designed to be maximally effective at getting you prepared for surveillance work. Find out more by reading below or calling us on 01202 692 250.

Our Upcoming Surveillance Training Courses

Are you interested in greatly expanding your repertoire to include professional investigator services? Have you seen an employment opportunity that requires a deeper knowledge of surveillance than you currently possess? If you have answered yes to either of those questions, then the surveillance training UK experts at Orchid Risk are here to help you.

Within our range of surveillance training UK options is the Pearson Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators, which is based on SIA specifications. Our course will provide you with the core training that is necessary for developing the skills and understanding needed to operate as a professional investigator.

During an investigation, there are several aspects that need to be completed to reach an accurate conclusion. This includes research and analysis as well as technical and physical surveillance. Because of how involved this type of work is, professional investigators are currently in very high demand. Our electronic surveillance course is the perfect way to get qualified and hired.

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    Surveillance Training UK

    What Will Be Covered In Our Surveillance Training Courses?

    Our popular surveillance training UK course consists of two core units. The first one is the principles of planning and reporting investigations. The second part covers the principles of gathering and using information for investigations.

    These two core units will provide you with a full understanding of both the objectives and the ongoing feasibility of an investigation. Additionally, you will know how to best report and present your findings. On top of that, you will know how to appropriately manage conflicts of interest while ensuring information confidentiality at all times.

    Here at Orchid Risk, our Pearson Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators is available throughout the UK on request. Depending on your current experience, the electronic surveillance course will either take two or five days to complete. You will need to have some proven experience to undertake the fast tracked two day course.

    Surveillance Training Courses

    Choose Orchid Risk’s Electronic Surveillance Course

    Orchid Risk is an independent global risk consultancy that offers a fantastic range of training solutions. These surveillance training courses will allow you to become a certified professional within the protection and risk management industry.

    Our company is highly committed to offering the most excellent surveillance training UK residents can undertake. With extensive experience and a great diversity when it comes to our team members, you will be hard pressed to find a more dynamic provider anywhere else.

    Our world class skills enable us to offer training that is truly second to none.

    Other Available Training Opportunities

    On top of our surveillance training opportunities, Orchid Risk offers several other modules that are guaranteed to take your career to the next level. Please follow the links below to find out more about our:

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