SIA Security Training

SIA Security Training

Are you currently on the lookout for a company offering full SIA security training that will get you certified and thereby greatly increase your employment opportunities? If that accurately describes your current situation, then you have struck gold by discovering Orchid Risk. Our Orchid training is guaranteed to be supremely beneficial and expand your professional horizons. Give our friendly team of professionals a call at your earliest convenience on 01202 692 250 to find out more about exact prices and earliest availability.

Our SIA close protection training programme

All individuals working or wishing to work in the security industry in the United Kingdom have to undertake a registered SIA training course to be able to legally do so. We provide candidates with the necessary “Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives” module that helps them meet all official requirements.

All of the SIA security training courses offered by Orchid Risk are practical, fully intensive and always carried out by accredited industry experts who have received all of the necessary qualifications to pass their knowledge and skills onto new students.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the course and as we all know, courses are generally made more fun by the Instructor – so thank you for making it interesting and teaching us so well.” –JC

We also offer a fast track refresher course for SIA close protection training. This module is aimed at individuals who have already undertaken some training in the past but now require a full licence in order to work within the sector.

Additionally, you have the option to undertake SIA security training alongside a “First Person on Scene Intermediate” qualification which will enable you to provide immediate life support to the patient before help can arrive.

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    Why choose Orchid Risk over other SIA close protection companies?

    Orchid Risk is an independently operated global risk consultancy practice with many years of experience in maritime security as well as a variety of training solutions including the increasingly popular SIA security training for people looking to enter the industry.

    Here at Orchid Risk, we believe that the people are at the heart of every company. The number one thing to know about us is that we are extremely proud of our team members and their various achievements. You can enlist in our SIA training programme with full confidence knowing that it will be carried out by a dedicated professional with a great passion for their work.

    The course was great, well-planned and organised. One highlight was the visit to a realistic target vessel where I felt guilty of plotting against it to understand the vulnerabilities!” –BG

    Our partners and past clients who have undergone our SIA close protection training would not hesitate to vouch for our fresh approach and diverse capabilities.

    As you can tell from all of the above, competing SIA close protection companies will simply not be able to compete with the expertise and skillset that Orchid Risk brings to the table. If you have any more questions about our services and opportunities, then please do not hesitate to get in touch using one of the methods outlined below.

    SIA Close Proection Training UK

    Contact us today to book your SIA security training course

    There are several fast effective ways to contact us if you are now certain that Orchid Risk is the true leader among SIA close protection companies on the market. You are more than welcome to either call us anytime on 01202 692 250 to speak to a friendly member of our customer care team, send your requirements over in an e-mail to ops@orchidrisk.com or fill out our online booking form – we will be in touch very shortly to confirm.

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