SIA Close Protection Course

Are you looking to become an elite security agent? Want to give something extra to your client? Orchid Risk offer the level 3 SIA Close Protection Course to give you the edge in your career, so call today on 01202 692250 and enquire.

SIA Close Protection Courses

In an industry where quick reactions and effective decisions are everything, being comprehensively trained can be lifesaving. Orchid Risk offers an outstanding SIA Close Protection course that will give you a huge advantage over would be security risks.

This qualification grants you access to undertake licensable activities as a close protection operative. Therefore our close protection courses will enable you to accept contracts to supply your services to a customer. The only exception are contractors registered with the SIA, Security Industry Authorisation, as they are given approved contractor status. The company in question must also adhere to the conditions of Section 4(4) of the Approved Contactors Scheme.

Without the SIA course we provide, a standard SIA licence doesn’t cover the requirements for working protection. Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, any individual must have the correct accredited and SIA recognised course certificates. The enforcement and consequences of failing to hold or maintain the correct licences can result in up to six months in prison and a £5000 fine. Orchid Risk offers a complete SIA course at competitive prices, so you can avoid those repercussions with ease and become fully licenced in under two weeks.

For those who have already completed a full course previously, a refresher course is available, and our team can provide fast track SIA courses that only take three days. All of our instructors are fully qualified with highly credible backgrounds in British Special Forces and Elite Police.

Not everything you see is black and white, so being prepared for as many eventualities as possible will always be advantageous. Our 12 day course will include:

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    • Roles and Responsibilities of a CPO (Close Protection Operative)
    • Threat and Risk Assessment
    • Surveillance Awareness
    • Operational Planning
    • Law and Legislation
    • Close Protection Foot Drills
    • Conflict Management
    • First Aid Training and More

    Our trained staff will use realistic exercises to provide you with the training and experience you need to be successful. If you already have training or have attended an SIA Close Protection course in the past, you may be exempt from having to take certain modules and examinations. All previous training must be documented and accredited to qualify for these exemptions and proof of accreditation provided. Speak to a member of our team on 01202 692250 or contact us to find out more.

    sia close protection course

    Other Courses and Services Available

    The SIA course for Close Protection is available as a part of our other compound courses, which cover multiple areas if you’re looking to start a career in a more specialised role. Examples of other courses including compound courses are:

    • Combined Close Protection and First Person on Scene Intermediate
    • Hostile Environment Close Protection Operators (HECPO) Course
    • Professional Investigators
    • Personal Awareness in Hostile Situations
    • Defensive and Evasive Driver Training
    • Military and Police Special Projects Training and more

    Courses in Maritime Security and Medical training are also available on request, find out more at Orchid Training.

    Why Us for SIA Close Protection Courses

    Orchid Risk is a globally renowned independent risk management consultancy, with specialities in Maritime Security and complete training solutions. As we mentioned, all of our instructors are comprehensively qualified and have extensive and credible backgrounds in both British Special Forces and Elite Police Force. They use and share their experience and knowledge to provide an SIA Course unmatched in the industry. Our company is a long term member of SCEG, Security in Complex Environments Group, and all services fall within ICOC (International Code of Conduct) regulations.

    Being based in Poole gives us access to the world’s largest natural quay, providing a perfect environment to simulate real maritime exercises which will push your Close Protection course to a new level. This unique attribute means you’ll be more advanced at handling Maritime CPO contracts than if you trained anywhere else.

    “Very informative and professional, no nonsense and the enthusiasm of instructors was infectious!”


    Orchid Risk

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    If you think you’re up to the challenge and want to take your security career to new heights, contact us on the Orchid Risk form above. Alternatively you can email us at OPS@ORCHIDRISK.COM or call 01202 692250 today.

    Prices are available upon enquiry, and our friendly staff will be happy to advise you and ensure you’ve selected the right course for the role you want.

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