Security Training Courses

Are you looking to be a Professional Investigator or a Close Protection Officer? Maybe you need Defensive and Evasive Driver Training as a Chauffeur. Regardless of which security training courses you require, look no further than Orchid Risk to provide the most comprehensive and professional training. With years of experience and highly trained instructors, we will ensure you are trained to the highest standards, so call us today on 01202 692250.

Sectors Covered by our Courses for Security Training

Here at Orchid Risk, we offer a security training course in a range of different sectors. We have extraordinary people working for us, all of whom have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field. This enables us to provide the highest standards of training.

Our security training courses include:

Surveillance Training

Our Pearsons Edexcel Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (Surveillance Training) is based on SIA specifications. This course will provide the core training necessary in order to develop the skills and understanding required to operate as a professional investigator. Additionally, this security training course complies with Legislation and Health and Safety issues.

Our course is comprised of two core units; the principles of planning and reporting investigations, and the principles of gathering and using information for investigations. These core units provide an understanding of both the objectives and ongoing feasibility of an investigation in addition to how best to report and present your findings.

It will also include how to manage conflicts of interest and how to ensure that the confidentiality of information is maintained at all times. The aim of our security training courses is to provide fully comprehensive training that ensures you are qualified to the highest standards.

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    Security Training Courses

    Close Protection Training

    Drawing upon the expertise of active practitioners, Orchid Risk provides training that is relevant, current, and dynamic. We offer a unique set of skills and personnel to provide a complete Close Protection Training course.

    Our instructors are selected for their experience and professionalism. The skills and qualifications they hold were earned and taught by providers of arguably some of the best training in the world; the British Military and the UK Police.

    SIA Close Protection Training courses are a requirement for individuals wishing to work in the security industry. Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, you must undertake recognised, accredited security training courses like the one at Orchid Risk.

    Hostile Environment Training Courses

    Here at Orchid Risk, we provide tailored security awareness courses that train people on effectively navigating hostile environments and dangerous situations. For large companies who consider the duty of care to their personnel, this is the perfect course.

    Our Hostile Environment Training courses are aimed at people who live, work, or travel to places that run the risk of becoming victims to a terrorist attack or active shooters. We deliver training for urban survival with a “run, hide, tell” principle.

    During these courses for security training, you will be given very simple general advice, as well as more complex tips and techniques. This includes advice on hotel security and travel security, including navigating by cars, taxis, trains, and planes.

    We will also deliver straightforward information on ballistics that can help people effectively decide how to be safe and seek hard cover. This is done by gaining a better understanding of the effects of gunshots and explosions. Also included is basic life support that keeps yourself and others alive. All of our instructors have first-hand experience across all aspects of every subject.

    Defensive and Evasive Driver Training

    When you choose Orchid Risk for defensive and evasive driver training, you have the choice between two courses; one day or two days. Each course contains the major elements of what it takes to become an advanced driver for security purposes.

    The one-day course will cover the necessary elements and skills needed and our instructors will take you through possible scenarios that are the most common. Not only will this course give you the tools to manage and control the vehicle in an escape and evade scenario, but you will also become a better driver overall. This course covers elements such as efficient usage of the gears, road positioning, and more.

    Our two-day course provides a more comprehensive insight into the world of defensive and evasive driver training. This covers area in more depth, such as instinctive driving and high-speed progressive driving, close proximity driving and vehicle slalom, evasive driving, and threat scenarios in a controlled environment.

    Military and Police Special Projects Training

    At Orchid Risk, our Military and Police Special Projects training is intended to facilitate the ongoing challenges associated with countering acts of terrorism. As the conditions of threats to domestic security continue to develop and evolve, so too must the strategies used to combat them.

    Our dedicated specialist training company both designs and delivers focused training programmes to equip and support governments right across the globe. We provide a wide range of bespoke security training courses for Counter Insurgency, Counter Terrorism, and Law Enforcement agencies to enable the implementation of specialist skills.

    With our comprehensive training solutions, candidates will possess the specialist skills necessary to be effective when confronted with a conflict situation. Such training will provide practical, real-world skills which are applicable in diverse and complex environments.

    Close Protection Training

    Choose Orchid Risk For Comprehensive Security Training Courses

    Here at Orchid Risk, we provide courses for security training across all genres and at all levels. All of our training courses are taught by instructors who are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. Extraordinary people work here, and we are proud of our diversity, breadth of experience and world-class skills.

    The wealth of backgrounds and perspectives here at Orchid Risk give us the range of expertise required to tackle our clients’ most complex problems. We are united behind our company values and commitment to providing the best possible security training courses.

    At Orchid Risk, we draw upon experienced personnel from the UK Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos, Police and other specialist units. This ensures we only employ the highest level of qualified personnel, meaning you receive only the best quality security training course.

    Additionally, for extra reassurance that you are choosing the best, all of our security training courses are fully accredited by the relevant governing bodies.

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