Private Maritime Security Companies

If you’re planning to travel in dangerous waters where pirates are known to operate, it pays to employ private maritime security companies to help protect your vessel. Over the years, we have gained unbeatable experience protecting ships all over the world. So whether you’re planning on transporting cargo from one country to another, or looking to sail your boat to another port, we are one of the top private maritime security companies for providing maritime security, close protection, and private office services for projects of all sizes.

How can our services help you?

We can assume that most cargo and freight companies are aware of piratesPrivate Maritime Security Companies operating all over the world. While the country whose waters you travel promote glorious white sandy beaches and more cultural opportunities than you could ever think of, the seas can often be treacherous and sprawling with pirates. It is essential that shipping companies invest in the highest levels of security to counteract the threat of piracy, in order to create the safest procedures for your crew.

This is where private maritime security companies can help. From planning security operations on a large scale for oil and gas companies to providing backup for fishing fleets, there’s nothing Orchid Risk can’t help with. By employing Orchid Risk to take care of your security, you can be secure in knowing that everyone on board is protected from any potential maritime security threats.

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What are the services that we offer?

We specialise in providing armed and unarmed security services to vessels all over the world, and have teams of people ready to embark in ports on every continent. While weapon trained security personnel can defend your ship from piracy, it goes without saying that preparation is key.

The team at Orchid Risk go to every length to provide a whole host of security services designed to target the threat of piracy for commercial ships transporting cargo all over the world. If you need advice as to which of our services is best for you, we’re more than happy to consult you. We have explained our services below:

Vessel Security Assessments

By law, every shipping company must have its own ship security plan. Private Maritime Security Companies like Orchid Risk can carry out vessel security assessments from which a ship security plan can be developed. As part of our vessel security assessments, we conduct a survey by doing the following:

  • Identifying any existing measures and procedures
  • Checking for weaknesses in infrastructure, existing procedures and policies
  • Assessing the ship operations including navigation, on board machinery and steering
  • Looking to human influence including authorisation only zones and performance of duties
  • Predicting the kind of threats the ship may be exposed to

Pre-embarkation hardening assessments

Part of a pre-embarkation hardening assessment is about identifying the level at which your cargo or vessel will influence the probability of a potential threat. For example, if your ship contains contents of high value, it would be more attractive for pirates to hijack. Private maritime security companies can also predict various impact scenarios that may come into fruition should the ship ever come under threat, and will consider the influence of type of cargo that you have on board and the complexities of the ships systems.

Anti-piracy drills and training

Preparation can often be the best form of defence so arming your crew with all the necessary drill knowledge in the case of an attack can put you in a huge advantage over the oncoming attack. With each crew member knowing the part they play in the drill, the likelihood of warding off an attack successfully increases.  As one of the best private securities companies, we can ensure that each member of your crew knows what they need to do in the case of a threat, which in turn increases the safety of everyone on board.

Citadel preparation and advice

A citadel is often a last resort for the crew in the case of a piracy attack. Designed to withstand the most lethal of weaponry, it is an unbreachable room in which to hide while the ship waits for help. It’s imperative that you employ private maritime security companies such as Orchid Risk to help ensure that the room is ready in the case of an attack. For example, for the citadel to be effective against the threat, each crew member needs to know how to operate the machinery inside it, which will include switches to cut off the power to the engine and transmission devices to communicate with the outside.

Maritime Intelligence

Private maritime security companies constantly have their ear to the ground and have access to a number of databases and contacts that can inform them on the level of threat throughout the planned course of your ship. From the intelligence, we’ll be able to give route planning advice and warn you of any piracy hotspots.

Why should you choose Orchid Risk?

Accredited to ISO 9001 status, Orchid Risk is one of the best private maritime Private Maritime Security Companiessecurity companies in the world.  Our men are well qualified to assist in any security operation as every member of Orchid Risk originates from military and intelligence services including:

  • The UK Special Forces
  • Royal Marine Commandos
  • Police
  • Other specialist units

While our team’s background ensures that they have the skills and attributes to carry out the most proficient security procedures, our devotion to Orchid training each member of staff to the highest level enables us to carry out each operation to a detail that no other company can reach.

We develop strong and long-term relationships with our clients, where trust in our ability to supply first-rate security is a paramount. After each security project is complete, our clients benefit from our in-depth review process, through which they can find out the successes and areas where they would benefit from further security training.

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