Military Protection Training

Are you looking to take the next step up in your career?

By opting for military protection training, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques commonly required by more challenging occupations. Geared towards countering acts of terrorism, such training equip you to handle more dangerous assignments in increasingly hostile environments. To find out more about this training, call Orchid Risk today on +44 (0) 1202 692250.

The Leading Choice for Military and Police Special Projects Training

Terrorism is an ongoing threat, and as the methods employed by terrorists evolve; so too must the methods used to counter them. It takes a certain level of skill and specialisation to meet such a challenge, making the need for advanced training all the more vital. Here at Orchid Risk, we provide military protection training with the aim of training the next generation of counter-terrorism operators.

Our military protection courses are all delivered by industry certified professionals each with years of experience to call on. We’ve designed and developed focused training programmes tailored to equips individuals with the skills and knowledge they require. By undertaking one of our courses, you’ll have everything you need to be fully effective in environments spanning the globe.

Military Protection Training That is Unsurpassed

Here at Orchid Risk, we support governments with the ongoing challenges that they face when recruiting the best and brightest. We work closely with counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism and law enforcement agencies. Through military and police special projects training, we enable agencies to function at peak efficiency by ensuring a steady flow of highly trained operators.

When out in the field, operators will likely come up against conflict scenarios where quick-thinking could mean the difference between life and death. Military protection training ensures that each candidate is equipped with practical, real-world skills. It is important that we train every individual to apply these skills across a diverse range of complex environments.

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    Military Protection Training

    Be Trained by the Best

    At Orchid Risk, we don’t just hire anyone to become an instructor – we seek instead to hire the best. Our instructors are all from credible backgrounds such as elite military and police units; some are even ex-Special Forces. It goes without saying, therefore, that our instructors possess the skills and knowledge to take candidates and forge them into highly effective operators.

    The framework of our military protection courses can vary wildly. Ultimately, the parameters are determined by a training needs analysis. This analysis helps our instructors devise a dedicated scheme of work which outlines timeframes as well as the specific training that is to be implemented. Specific requirements can also be factored in to create a programme that is bespoke to the client’s requirements.

    Course duration is also determined by the training needs analysis. When you contact Orchid Risk regarding military protection training, all this and more will be discussed with you face-to-face.

    Other Services

    Orchid Risk covers a broad range of sectors when it comes to security training. Such sectors include:

    • First Person on Scene Intermediate
    • Close Protection
    • Maritime Security Awareness
    • Professional Investigators
    • Personal Awareness
    • Defensive and Evasive Driver Training

    The above is by no means an exhaustive list of services. For a full list, take a look at our website. If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, give Orchid Risk a call today on +44 (0) 1202 692250.

    Military Protection Courses

    Choose Our Military Protection Courses

    Businesses have enough to contend with, without having to worry about external threats. Fortunately, this is where Orchid Risk can help. Among our services are ones intended to help mitigate threats while assisting clients with managing their reputational risk, political integrity, and security requirements. In addition to our security services, we also provide numerous training courses, one such example being military protection training.

    We only recruit extraordinary people. By bringing together a diverse range of skill sets, we’ve become the go-to choice for military and police special projects training.

    Diversity is prevalent throughout our team with individuals whose skills are matched only by their passion for issues, such as human rights, geopolitics and the security industry as a whole. We’re confident that you won’t find a more dedicated or skilled team of professionals anywhere else.

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    Contact us today on +44 (0) 1202 692250 and inquire further about our military protection training courses. For all general enquiries, drop us an email at ops@orchidrisk.com.

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