Maritime Security Consultants

Are you concerned about potential threats to your shipping assets? If so, speak with the maritime security consultants at Orchid Risk today for solutions that are guaranteed to keep your ships and employees safe. With many years of experience to call upon, we are able to advise on risk and threat assessments for cargo fleets of all sizes.

Choose the UK’s most professional maritime security consultant

If you’re seeking unrelenting excellence from the industry’s leading maritime Maritime Security Consultantssecurity consultants, look no further than Orchid Risk. Here at Orchid Risk, we seek to achieve the highest of ethics and probity while providing services that keep you and your employees safe. Any vessel transporting valuable cargo is a tempting target for criminals, but with Orchid Risk, we work hard to mitigate the risk of piracy entirely.

Whether you own a single vessel or a large fleet of intercontinental cargo ships, we can help. To find out more about what our maritime security consultant can do for you, please see below.

What can Orchid Risk do for you?

Putting in place the right security measures is, of course, our first priority. So when you meet with our maritime security consultants, we will endeavour to discuss your requirements in more detail. At Orchid Risk, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics and probity so you can be confident that our maritime security consultant will always act in your best interests.

When you deal with our maritime security consultants, you will receive advice and solutions that are the best in class. Our solutions are tailored towards mitigating the risks and threats commonly associated with vessel protection. From vessel security assessments and anti-piracy drills to intelligence, citadel placement and preparation advice, our maritime security consultant will leave no stone unturned.

Our full protection services include both armed and unarmed teams who are able to embark from multiple locations worldwide. Plus, our maritime security consultant can set you up with numerous services from vessel protection and security advice to intelligence for the following:

  • Commercial vessels
  • Superyachts
  • Offshore vessels
  • Oil and Gas industry ships

At Orchid Risk, our maritime security consultants aspire for excellence as well as forging long-term relationships with our clients. When we provide you with our services, we will also carry out in-depth reviews throughout and supply you with client feedback at each and every stage. Plus, as official signatories of ICOC, a member of SAMI, we are fully accredited with ISO 9001 status. So, if you’re looking for a maritime security consultant, look no further than Orchid Risk.

What makes us the most trusted maritime security consultants?

When searching for a maritime security consultant, it pays to choose one who Maritime Security Consultantswill provide you with consistently high standards. Here at Orchid Risk, we are proud to be just such a company. As one of the more established companies in the UK, the security advice and solutions that we provide to commercial shipping industry are unsurpassed. We are regarded as one of the best global risk consultancies in the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

As specialists in maritime security and training solutions, our expert analysis and in-depth investigations have benefitted hundreds of clients across the globe. As well as providing maritime security consultants, we are also able to tackle sensitive political issues and provide practical assistance where required. Thanks to our extensive geographical reach, our maritime security consultant is able to handle even the most complex of requests.

To that end, we boast a fully trained and certified team that exudes a level of diversity and a breadth of expertise not found elsewhere. The unique dynamic that exists in our business is what sets us apart. Our maritime security consultants are passionate about human rights, geopolitics, providing unbeatable levels of security and many more high-profile subjects. Everyone is united behind our company’s values and commitments so you can be sure that you are dealing with professionals.

Our team is comprised of the best from professional maritime security consultants to former UK Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and other specialist units including close protection. Plus, all of our weapons and security are licensed in the UK in strict adherence to all criteria advised by the IMO. So, if you’re looking for a maritime security consultant that is professional, knowledgeable and friendly, look no further than Orchid Risk.

“Very informative and professional, no nonsense and the enthusiasm of instructors was infectious!”


Choose Orchid Risk for the finest maritime security consultants the UK has to offer. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1202 692250 to find out more or drop us an email at ops@orchidrisk.com.