Maritime Security Companies Dorset

Maritime Security Companies Dorset

When you search for maritime security companies Dorset, you want to find the best. Well, look no further. Our select team of security experts have a wealth of skills and knowledge that have been developed through years in the Special Forces, Marine Commandos, the Police Force and other jobs requiring high levels of resilience, fitness, analytics, drive and passion. Whether you’re an oil tanker, or a private yacht owner, when you need maritime security companies in Dorset, there’s no better company to call.

Why might you need the services of Dorset maritime security companies?

Piracy isn’t a thing of the past. In fact, pirates are just as conniving as ever and Maritime Security Companies Dorsetwill stop at nothing to get to your goods. While many of the destinations around the world sound so appealing, including the Indian Ocean and South Africa, you can never be too careful about what lies in the water.

Piracy operations are happening all around us. How many times do you hear about goods washing up on shores all over the world? They are often ruthless in their attempts, and many of them are armed. If you are planning to enter waters that are notorious for piracy, don’t risk crossing without employing maritime security companies Dorset to aid in the security.

Many large tankers and container ships are fitted with alarm systems and anti-piracy mechanisms that can be fitted by firms including maritime security companies Dorset. Crew members are taught how to react in the incident of pirates coming on board and some ships must be accompanied by police boats in extreme circumstances.

How can maritime security companies in Dorset help you?

With many members of Dorset maritime security companies having served in the police and royal forces, they are fine-tuned in the ways in which minds of criminals work. Having been involved in previous similar security operations, the staff at Orchid Risk are some of the best Dorset maritime security companies have to offer.

At Orchid Risk, we are dedicated to supplying security services to a whole range of boats including:

  • Commercial vessels
  • Super Yachts
  • Offshore vessels
  • Oil and gas tankers

We only employ staff who have experience handling dangerous security situations. We then use the latest training programs to educate our staff on the complex security measures handled by maritime security companies Dorset.

When you choose Orchid Risk to carry out all the necessary security required by maritime security companies in Dorset, you will be able to set sail absolutely certain that your vessel is prepared for any type of security breach. We provide security services for every step of the journey, including pre-embarkation, embarkation and while you’re at sea so you know you’re prepared for everything.

How can Orchid specifically help you with your security?

We have a team of guards ready to embark your vessel at a variety of worldwide locations including Suez, Muscat, Mauritius, Mombasa and Capetown, which are strategically positioned before any piracy hotspots.  We can provide armed and unarmed guards who are fully trained in licence weapon usage so you can set sail knowing that your vessel isn’t going to come to any harm.

We realise that security is more than just physical weaponry. In actual fact, we believe knowledge is power, which is why we have special teams dedicated to making sure you set sail with utter confidence. Our services include:

  • Vessel security assessments
  • Pre-embarkation hardening assessments
  • Anti-piracy drills and training
  • Citadel placement and preparation advice
  • Maritime Intelligence

With all 5 services on offer, in addition to our armed and unarmed guards, Orchid Risk really is the number one choice for maritime security companies in Dorset. We’ll make sure you feel safe, prepared and confident to travel, knowing that all your worries have been taken care of by one of the top Dorset maritime security companies.

Why should you choose Orchid Risk for your maritime security needs?

At Orchid Risk, our dedication to continuously training our talented team of security experts is paramount. All of our contracts are individually managed, and we treat each client with the same utmost attention, with each potential risk mitigated under international legislation.

Working within the framework of the ICOCA (International Code of Conduct Association) and as a long-standing member of the SCEG (Security in Complex Environments Group), we are perfectly placed to answer all of your security needs.

In addition to being one of the top maritime security companies Dorset has to offer, our team of dedicated security personnel can also assist in:

Contact us for all of your security needs

If you’re looking for maritime security companies Dorset, don’t hesitate to contact us at Orchid Risk today. A member of our professional security team will be able to advise you on our huge range of security services.