First aid training

You can never predict when you may be thrust into a hostile or complex environment. Everyone hopes that in such a position there someone is on hand to assist. With an intensive training course in Maritime Security and Training solutions with Orchid Risk, you can be just that. Our vast range of services enables our clients to manage complex security risks and offers professional first aid training.

Making you the most advanced First Aider

First aid training

We offer a large variety of courses relating to first aid training that aims to make you first aid competent in all aspects of your working and social life.

Our services cater to all levels of first aid work through courses that are FFA level 2 and 3 awarded.  The level 2 award course is suitable for anyone aged 16 or above and is ideal for the eager first aider working in a low-key office or shop environment. The FFA level 3 award course is designed to assist any first aider in a hazardous environment, such as building, agricultural and manufacturing sites.

If you’re looking for more advanced training in the event of a serious life or death situation, then we offer The First Person on the Scene Basic and Intermediate courses. Nothing looks better for on your CV for a potential employer than a qualification gained from first aid training. The First Person on the Scene course earns you a level 2 BTEC that will advance not only your first aid skills but also career prospects.

Our comprehensive Basic life support & safe use of an AED course gives students the essential skills and confidence to know exactly what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest. A person’s chance of survival drops every minute without the use of a defibrillator. This course shows you how to use one effectively and potentially save a life.

This first aid training course aims to provide you with the skills needed to maintain immediate life support during the crucial waiting period for hospital care. The intermediate level 2 BTEC course is currently used by the Fire and Police services, giving your first aid skills a serious and professional enhancement.

Why Orchid Risk are the very best in first aid training

We offer you a variety of first aid training courses that cover a host of differing scenarios. Our bespoke packages cover all elements of first aid emergency ranging from Pediatric emergency first aid, management of Anaphylaxis, HSE Offshore first aid and much more.

As a company, we are proud of the diverse people who work for us, offering a wealth of experience to all sectors of the business from first aid right through to human rights and geopolitics.

You will receive a first aid training course from the personnel at the absolute top of the game. Many of which have been trained to conduct first aid in UK Special Forces and Royal Marine Commando Scenarios.


If you think you’re ready for the ultimate first aid training course, contact us today on +44 (0) 1202 692250 or email ops@orchidrisk.com.