Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Training

If you’re on the lookout for an executive protection training course carried out by established industry professionals, then look no further than Orchid Risk. We are a leading global risk consultancy practice who specialise in Maritime Security and a variety of specialist training solutions. Call us on 01202 692 250 to book your course or ask a team member for some more information now.

Our executive protection training courses

When booking an executive protection course, it’s important to ensure that it is offered by qualified industry professionals who possess the necessary qualifications and previous experience to effectively carry it out. Orchid Risk draws upon personnel from Royal Marine Commandos, UK Special Forces, Police and other specialist units. You can sit back and relax knowing that we only hire the highest quality personnel available.

The number one mission of Orchid Risk is protecting our clients as well as their property, assets and sensitive information. We have been able to successfully achieve this by incorporating innovative practices and always working with diligence. Many of our officers come from military, customs or police backgrounds which means that they can offer unparalleled expertise because of their many worldwide deployments.

Today’s world is uncertain so it makes sense why more and more people are taking on additional training courses all over the world. When you pick Orchid Risk’s executive protection course, you will know that our experts will work efficiently as a team and impart their knowledge on you in a clear understandable way. We are sure you will find that completing one or several of our courses will make you a more rounded person who will be able to anticipate a number of events and appropriately react to unexpected situations.

On top of our popular executive protection course, the Orchid Training wing has a number of other exciting available opportunities such as the ones below:

“Very informative and professional, no nonsense and the enthusiasm of instructors was infectious!”


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    Why choose Orchid Risk for your executive protection training?

    Here at Orchid Risk, we are best known for helping ship and super yacht owners manage the opportunities as well as the risks associated with operating in environments that are hostile or complex. Our consulting services include discussing strategies, providing expert analysis and carrying out thorough investigations. We are also well-equipped to handle sensitive political issues and offering practical support in armed transit.

    Orchid Risk is a multifaceted company whose combination of services is truly unique. Our partners and clients keep coming back to us for our expertise. Our wide geographical reach means that we are always able to solve their problems effectively. We work worldwide and you can rest assured knowing that our services are the most reliable on the market.

    Private Maritime Security

    At Orchid Risk, we only hire extraordinary people. The breadth of experience, diversity and skills that our team possesses is truly world class. All of our team members are professionals whose passion for geopolitics and human rights makes them the ideal choice for providing the close protection services and training that we offer.

    Regardless of how complex the problems that our clients bring us may be, Orchid Risk team members possess the necessary perspective and previous experience that allows them to tackle them in a highly efficient manner. Whether you’re coming to us for protection training or our consultancy services, you can expect a courteous service throughout.

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    Contact our executive protection training team

    Are you ready to contact us and begin your protection training? Feel free to call our friendly team on 01202 692 250 and get the process started today. You can also send your enquiry by filling out the contact form on our website or e-mailing it over to ops@orchidrisk.com.