Defensive and Evasive Driver Training

Defensive and Evasive Driver Training

If you’re a professional driver looking to improve your situation awareness behind the wheel, then the defensive and evasive driver training course that Orchid Risk offers is the perfect choice. Call us today on 01202 692 250 if you’d like more information about this course or our various other services.


Our defensive and evasive driver training experts

The course that Orchid Risk offers has been designed for chauffeurs, fleet drivers, close protection drivers and corporate members who take their driving skills seriously and are always looking to improve their methods.

The aim of this progressive Orchid training course is to increase a driver’s sense of security and overall awareness in high tension and emergency situations. Upon completion of this course, the driver will be able to successfully seek and assess hazards, improve their vehicle control, and anticipate potential threats from other road users.


One day defensive and evasive driver training course

The one day course will increase your confidence as a driver by improving your situation awareness in potential emergencies. In order to achieve this, the driver will be inspired with road craft techniques that will improve positioning while making efficient use of gears, seeking out hazards to maximise personal safety, and anticipating threats from other drivers as well as pedestrians.


Two day defensive and evasive driver training course

The first day of the two day course will involve all of the above. On the second day, we aim to further explore your training needs in order to empower you with new skill sets such as high speed progressive driving, instinctive driving, close proximity driving, and vehicle slalom. We will also cover a variety of threat scenarios and evasive driving basics in a controlled environment.

If you’re booking a corporate hospitality event for your company, then we will incorporate elements of the second day with off road 4X4 driving. This is a good way of improving communication and team building.


Reasons to choose Orchid Risk for your defensive and evasive driver training

Orchid Risk is a Dorset based company that has established itself as a top provider of security solutions in the United Kingdom and beyond. We are known to follow ethical standards and provide a high quality service at all times which is why you should choose us for your training.

Here at Orchid Risk, we are known for effectively solving problems and providing comprehensive security solutions worldwide. We support our clients by providing expert consultancy, strategic analysis, in depth investigations, and the discreet handling of sensitive political issues. Our unique combination of expertise and global reach has resulted in our increasing popularity and excellent feedback from satisfied clients who wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us.

At Orchid Risk, we only hire industry professionals who have gone through thorough background checks. Our team has an unparalleled breadth of experience that they bring to the table as well as a large variety of useful skills that they use in their work. We draw upon experienced personnel from the police service, the Royal Marine Commandos, and the UK Special Forces.

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Defensive and Evasive Driver Training




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To book your course, simply call us on 01202 692 250. You can also send enquiries and booking requests via e-mail to ops@orchidrisk.com. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out the form on our website. We’ll get back to you shortly to answer any and all questions.