Security Services

Security solutions for any situation

Orchid’s mission is to protect clients, their assets, property and information. Our operators are expert in dynamic threat assessment, enabling them to find the safest and most intelligent solution to any situation, with minimum intrusion.

Our team includes a unique combination of former UK military Special Forces and Counter Terrorist Officers, which gives them a profound knowledge of intelligence work combined with a very distinct and professional edge.

Reflecting their various backgrounds, they also share a common work ethic and dedication to the task. These are people with maturity, determination and integrity.

All Orchid operators have international experience gained through many deployments worldwide. They can deploy at short notice and for any length of time.


Orchid operational procedures and discreet deployment enable clients to concentrate on their business and enjoy their family environment without unnecessary intrusion.

Our services are exemplary and we pride ourselves on the level of professionalism that we are able to offer, including but not limited to:

  • Personal / Close Protection
  • Maritime Security – Private Yachts and Commercial Shipping
  • Professional Investigation and surveillance
  • Residential Security
  • Technical Security Counter Measures (Sweeps)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Background Checks
  • Chaperone service for international travel, including Security Advance Teams
  • Event Management
  • Consultancy and Training
Orchid Risk Close Protection