Close Protection Training Courses

Are you looking to enter the security industry? Here at Orchid Risk, we’re passionate about providing nationally recognised close protection training courses, which are your gateway to a successful career as security personnel.  As a recognised and accredited course delivered by staff who have first-hand experience, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality training from Orchid Risk. Call 01202 692250 for more information.

Introducing our close protection training courses

According to the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, close protection training courses are the very first thing you should be looking into when wanting to take that step from your Close Protection Training Coursescurrent protection role into a specialist security position.

Delivered by experienced and specially trained personnel, our course will provide you with the certificate that you require to achieve the relevant SIA Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives.

Throughout the course, we will focus on making sure that you are fully trained for the following:

  • Working as a close protection officer (CPO)
  • Planning, preparing and supporting a close protection operation
  • Conflict management within the private security industry sector

Here at Orchid Risk, we deliver three close protection training courses which are tailored towards your industry experience. We’ve outlined the details of each of the close protection training courses below:


Close Protection (standard course)

You will need to attend this 12 day close protection training course if you haven’t had any previous experience in the security industry.  We’ll make sure that you’re completely confident by the time your exam comes round at the end of the course.


Fast Track Close Protection

Here at Orchid Risk, we provide 3 day close protection training courses for those that have previously served in the military and specialist police units. If you’ve already had close protection training but require an official qualification, invest in our fast track close protection courses.


Combined Close Protection and First Person on the Scene

You can now choose to complete 2 specialist security qualifications at the same time with our combined Close Protection and First Person on the Scene course. The Close Protection part includes all the modules outlined above, while the First Person on the Scene section certifies you to provide immediate life support pending the arrival of a paramedic.  This course is a fantastic opportunity for:

  • Close Protection Officers (CPO)
  • Community First Responders
  • Emergency Services; Fire and Police
  • Organisations where an advanced level of first aid is required

What will you be expected to do as part of your close protection role?

When you invest in our close protection training courses, you’ll be able to provide a close protection service to an individual. Some close protection officers also act as the driver of the person that they’re providing close protection for. Your responsibilities as a close protection officer could include protection against:

  • Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Loss of confidential information
  • Terrorist threats
  • Other potential threats associated with the person
Close Protection Training Courses

Why should you choose Orchid Risk for your close protection courses?

Accredited to ISO 9001 status, Orchid Risk is one of the number one providers of close protection training courses.

We have specially trained staff who are ready and waiting to deliver our close protection training courses to a high standard, which ensures that our pass rate is consistently high.  Our courses are also fully endorsed by:

As a global security company, we pride ourselves on our competitive and comprehensive consultancy, close protection services and training services. Our security personnel get to work all over the world, so you will always have a fulfilling career if you choose to work for Orchid Risk in the future.

Once you have completed your training, you may be invited to apply for any close protection positions that we have available.  When you choose Orchid Risk to help you develop your career path, you’ll have access to personal development plans and training courses, including our Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers Course, which will involve weapons training.

“A very informative and realistic course with plenty of practical exercises.”



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