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If you are looking for the best close protection security for your family or employees you have come to the right place. Orchid Risk offers excellent safeguarding services for any situation and will protect your staff, assets, property and information. Call one of our specialists today on 01202 692250 to book a consultation.

The number one choice for close protection security

Whether you are jetting off on a business trip, hosting a high-profile event or just want extra peace of mind that your family is in safe hands, we can help. Our teams of close protection security Best close protection securityofficers are accredited, and our courses are recognised by the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001. This, along with our commitment to professionalism, effective communication and dedication to your safety, is what makes our officers the perfect choice for the job.

As the best close protection security company, we are extremely proud to be able to adapt to your needs. For example, if you need a skilled security team on short notice, we can meet your expectations, and if you are embarking on a round the world trip, we can supply a bespoke team to protect you and your assets for the duration of your travels.

Furthermore, many of our officers come from a Special Forces, military, customs or police background, meaning they have first-hand experience and have acquired invaluable skills. As a result, each of our officers performs their duties with the utmost diligence and integrity.

Our close protection security solutions

Here at Orchid Risk, we pride ourselves on offering an extremely high standard when it comes to the very best close protection security. No matter the situation, we can deploy offices more than capable of ensuring your safety, and we have high-level experience in the following areas:

  • Event management
  • Residential security
  • Worldwide travel including maritime security
  • Business meetings
  • Protection for families and individuals.

In today’s world especially, your safety and the security of others is not guaranteed. It is of paramount importance that you have the necessary close protection security in place so that you can go about your normal routines without interruptions, threats to your safety or risks to your property or information.

If you have an upcoming event and are in need of a security team you can trust, give one of our specialists a call today on 01202 692250  to discuss your bespoke requirements. We will offer unbiased advice so that you can make an informed decision about your close protection security options.

Why choose Orchid Risk for the best close protection security team?

Here at Orchid Risk, we offer the very best close protection security services to companies and individuals around the world. Our primary focus is to keep you safe, therefore we ensure that we can Best close protection securityaccommodate all your needs when it comes to practical protection. Our close protection security officers have built strong client and partner relationships and conduct themselves with professionalism when effectively helping you to overcome any predicted or unforeseen problems.

When it comes to close protection security Orchid Risk is a name you can trust. All of our employees are highly-qualified and licenced. Their extensive range of skills combined with their previous experience in the military and police force, will give you peace of mind that you are protected should any threats or danger arise.

In addition to offering the best close protection security, we also provide a number of other services at our independent global risk consultancy. We identify and eliminate hazards when it comes to handling sensitive political issues, provide practical assistance in armed transit protection and support super yacht owners when negotiating hostile environments.

Finally, if you are embarking on the open sea you will need to plan for potential piracy risks to your commercial shipping business. Our maritime security is second to none and we are proficient in mitigating and dealing with any threats or dangers. What’s more our teams’ expertise are inclusive but not exclusive of the following services:

  • Vessel security assessments
  • Maritime intelligence
  • Anti-piracy drills and training
  • Pre-embarkation hardening assessments
  • Citadel placement and preparation advice.

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If you are in need of the best close protection security to safeguard your family and employees and to protect your assets, contact Orchid Risk today. Call 01202 692250 to arrange a consultation.