Anti-Piracy Consultants Dorset

Have you searched for anti-piracy consultants Dorset? If so, you should consider giving Orchid Risk a call today on +44 (0) 1202 692250. As the leading global risk consultancy in the UK, our long-standing relationship with leading institutions including the Maritime and Coastguard Agency makes us the firm choice for Dorset anti-piracy consultants.

The best anti-piracy consultants in Dorset

With commercial ships carrying in the region of tens of millions of pounds Anti-Piracy Consultants Dorsetworth of cargo, they are an obvious target for criminals looking to fund illegal activities. Here at Orchid Risk, our anti-piracy consultants in Dorset possess years of experience in supplying sound advice for business owners looking to protect their commercial vessels.

If you’re looking for the most reliable anti-piracy consultants Dorset has seen, our well-established security company has you covered. You can learn more about what Orchid Risk can do for you by reading on below.

How can our Dorset anti-piracy consultants be of assistance?

Here at Orchid Risk, we provide comprehensive advice along with in-depth assessments designed to mitigate any risks or threats associated with vessel protection. You’ll meet with our professional anti-piracy consultants in Dorset who will be happy to assist in supplying you with solutions that are the best in class. From protecting a single ship to an entire fleet, our bespoke anti-piracy consultants Dorset services are delivered with high standards of ethics and probity.

From pre-embarkation hardening assessments and readiness drills to maritime intelligence, our Dorset anti-piracy consultants leave no stone unturned. All of our weapons and security are fully licensed here the in the UK, and we supply both armed and unarmed teams who can embark from locations including Suez, Mauritius and Capetown.

As the finest anti-piracy consultants Dorset has to offer, we believe in maintaining a strong line of communication from start-to-finish. Long-term client relationships are our ultimate goal, and you can expect continuous client feedback for the duration of our service. Speaking of services, at Orchid Risk, our anti-piracy consultants in Dorset cover a range of areas including:

  • Protection
  • Security advice and intelligence
  • Superyacht security
  • Offshore vessels
  • Oil and Gas industry vessels

If you would like to know more about our anti-piracy consultants Dorset services, click here. Or, if you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch. Orchid Risk are always here to help, and our Dorset anti-piracy consultants are more than happy to explain what it is we do and how it will benefit you.

What makes us the best choice for anti-piracy consultants Dorset has seen?

If you’re looking for a world-leading independent global risk consultancy, look no further than Orchid Risk. As the go-to anti-piracy consultants in Dorset, our expertise is simply unrivalled. We are proud signatories of ICoCA – a member of SAMI – which upholds the highest standards of human rights as well as humanitarian law. When you deal with our Dorset anti-piracy consultants, you know you’re dealing with a company that is closely regulated.

Our anti-piracy consultants in Dorset also operate with strict adherence to the criteria advised by the IMO and are recognised by leading insurers as well as Flag States and P & I Clubs. Our geographical reach and cutting-edge services ensure that we are well-placed to handle the needs of any client regardless of complexity or location.

As the most reputable choice for anti-piracy consultants Dorset has experienced, we are fully ISO 9001 accredited. Our exceptionally talented multi-skilled team has been recruited from all manner of backgrounds, from military and intelligence to security. Each of our employees is firmly committed to upholding our principles. When you choose our Dorset anti-piracy consultants, you can be confident that all services will be handled with the utmost professionalism.


Get in touch with Orchid Risk now by calling +44 (0) 1202 692250 and discover what makes us the finest anti-piracy consultants Dorset has to offer.